Manual driving lessons in the Ruthin area

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Based just outside Denbigh, Rhyl Driver Training offers the very best training in the Ruthin area. 


I work 7 days a week from 7am to 8pm and I cover Rhyl or Bala test centres, although I normally recommend Rhyl simply because most of the training takes place in this area. Whatever test centre you decide to use I will make sure you are safe and confident on all types of roads before you go for your test.

The location of Ruthin makes it a little tricky when it comes to learning to drive, being around a 30 to 40 minute drive to areas with diverse road and traffic conditions (Rhyl, Wrexham, Mold or Chester). With so much travelling to and from the training areas, this effectively means you need a two hour lesson after we have covered the basics.


Alternatively, if you’re prepared to start and finish the lessons in St Asaph or Rhyl you could go down to a one hour lesson and still cover the same amount of work. This is because you’re spending the whole lesson in the heart of the training area and not spending half the time travelling from and then back to Ruthin.

Please contact Rhyl Driver Training if you would like to learn to drive in the Ruthin area.



Registered in 2016, fully serviced with a fuel efficient and powerful 1.2 petrol engine. Small enough to easily filter through town centre traffic, so easy to park and reverse. Powerful and refined enough to hold its own on the open road, and big enough inside to sit four six foot plus adults comfortably. A multi award winning top rated city car.