My terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions represent the basis upon which your instructor offers driving lessons and courses to you.

Your instructor will be polite, courteous, tidy and punctual. He will also behave in a professional and ethical manner at all time.

Your instructor will ensure the tuition vehicle is clean, thoroughly road worthy and will carry motor insurance covering you the customer whilst driving when accompanied by the instructor or by a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Examiner.

Your instructor will to the best of his ability endeavour to give you instruction on the most up to date driving practice.

The client agrees that he / she is duly licensed to drive the tuition vehicle and can read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters (i.e 66 feet - about 5 car length) with glasses or contact lenses if normally worn.

You should be guided by your instructor regarding your readiness for the test.

The tuition vehicle is available for the driving test at the discretion of your instructor and subject to regular lessons taking place. In the interest of road safety the tuition vehicle may be withdrawn from the test if in the instructor’s opinion the customer is considered unsafe or not ready.

The driving test is a contract between you the customer and the DVSA. The test fee does not include the use of the tuition vehicle on the day of the test. For this a fee of £65 will be charged, this will cover the use of the tuition vehicle for the test and the lesson immediately prior to the test.

You instructor cannot be held responsible for postponement of the test by the DVSA. However your instructor will do all that is possible to rearrange another test as quickly as possible and to help you reclaim expense from the DVSA.

Your instructor will book another test free of charge if the test is postpone because of a fault with the tuition vehicle where the minimum three working days cancellation notice cannot be given. Your instructor cannot be held responsible for any other costs incurred as a result of the test failing to take place for whatever reason.

The instructor has the right to cancel an appointment if the instructor deems that the customer is unfit to drive for whatever reason, including the misuse of drink or drugs. In this event the lesson may be charged for.

In the interest of road safety and so your instructor can provide the best possible service you the customer agree to inform the instructor of any special needs or medical condition that may affect your driving. The customer also agrees to inform the instructor if they are taking any medication, which may affect their driving.

The lesson fee shall be paid at the start of each lesson; currently £42 for 1½ hours and £56 for two hours of tuition. If the lesson fee changes your instructor will inform you before the start of the next lesson.

For the comfort of all customers there is a no smoking policy whilst in the tuition vehicle.

No fee will be charged for cancellations if you the customer gives at least 24 hour notice. However if you fail to show up for an appointment a no show fee may be charged, currently £28.

Your instructor will to the best of his ability endeavour to keep all lesson appointments. However your instructor reserves the right to postpone a lesson due to bad weather, mechanical breakdown, or for any other reason. In this event your instructor will rearrange another lesson to a time and date convenient to both parties. Your instructor cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of him having to postpone a lesson for whatever reason.